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❤ my soulmate lives in london and he's absolutely darling ❤

i wanted to see what anime characters looked like with human noses


so you guys may have noticed that i am preeeeetty inactive!! that’s pretty horrible oops but!! it’s because i’ve been focusing on my art blog a lot.

my dash on my normal blog (this one) has become half decent and half toxic? i just find tumblr to be a very toxic environment lately, where everyone has a problem with everything and everyone is always yelling at each other and being offensive or being offended and it’s really irritating and i didn’t make a tumblr to be irritated. i made a tumblr to enjoy things i like and relax!!!!

it stopped being relaxing SO i’m taking a break from spocktorwho i guess????

but i will be active on icantbackflip.tumblr.com , my art blog!! please go check it out, or even if you just want to chat with me or smth you can just message me and i’ll message you back!! i’m not asking you to follow me or anything, i just wanted to tell you guys that i’m going to be VERY inactive on spocktorwho, so if you were looking to be in contact with me rather than just reblog things i reblog, you will find me on my art blog <333

love to you all, and i’ll be back at some point!!!! xo

dreamsfromthewoods said: "When you get this write 5 nice things about yourself then pass the message onto 10 of your favourite followers :)"

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! awwwww <3

ugh there is nothing nice about me all done ahaha

1 - um i stand my ground!! i have always thought that standing up for yourself is an important trait to have and i definitely have a spine so i’m proud of that ahaha

2 - i try to put the happiness of my friends and family above my own!! i know that when you do nice things you shouldn’t hope for a reward, but i just hope that eventually the universe will give me some good karma when the time is right for me, and in the meantime i will make sure that the people around me are as happy and healthy as they can be <3

3 - creativity!! idk i like that i am into music and singing and drawing and stuff, it gives me a reason to want to better myself and i think that’s good

4 - fashion????? i’ve had some………….questionable…..fashion choices in my past (all of middle school oh god) but i like to think that when i want to be, i am fashionable!! if i had more money i promise you all that i would be a walking fashion icon ahaha

5 - moving on!!!!!! when bad things happen to me i am sad about them, but then i move on!! i try to show to others that it is important to take everything from your past and use it to better yourself in the future. if one of your “friends” just became your not-friend and they are constantly talking about you to everyone afterwards, show them that you don’t care!! become excellent at what you love and be happy and don’t care about anything but moving on <3 if someone breaks up with you for stupid reasons tell yourself that you did not need that person!! love yourself before anyone else, because in the end, you only will have yourself to trust <3 so yeah i guess i motivate myself well is what i’m trying to say?? idk ugh

thaaaaank you!! <3

luna-di-fuoco said: The Empress, The Lovers, The Star, The Moon, The Sun ♥

WOW I’M LATE ON THESE OTL ty though little angel <3333

the empress - a woman you really admire - hhhhhhhhhh this is so hard bc i like a lot of celeb ladies but!! obviously my mom and sisters are my first thought bc they are all strong women who face challenges in their lives without fear and they love unconditionally and they’re witty and brave and not afraid to speak their minds <33 they’re very inspirational even when they’re fighting ahaha

the lovers - a person who makes you very happy - aGAIN this is hard uhghgh but i guess when i am sad it would probably be dan/phil or david bowie or gotye or benedict cumberbatch bc they do lots of silly things with their friends and are very kind to their audiences!! i love them very much and when i’m sad they make me laugh

the star- someone you consider perfect- NOBODY IS PERFECT so hah but i guess if i had to choose hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh these are hard why did you choose these questions my friend HHHHHHHH okay um yeah no i can’t answer this but i guess someone who is very perfectly themselves???? dan howell idk

the moon - something you fear - darkness!! the grudge!! home invasion!! my friends dying when i am out of the state/country!! people coming back from college and realizing they don’t want to be my friend anymore!! lots of things!! i am afraid like a baby is i am just a teenage baby

the sun - your happiest moment - UGH these are difficult bc i feel like all my happiest moments are really dumb???? idk i cried happy tears when my mom took me to see gotye and he walked onto the stage and said hello so that was special??? also the first time i was tweeted back by a youtuber that was exciting?? OH also when i got an a+ in 2D2 that was nice GOD i am lame

ty my friend!!!! <3


pants are for chumps


untitled by NAICHI on Flickr.


untitled by NAICHI on Flickr.


Jennifer Lawrence playing “Name That Jen”

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at least i know nobody’s using me for my looks

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the most depressing thing I’ve ever seen

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do u ever do something mildly impolite like not give a nice goodbye or not hold a door and spend the rest of the day thinking about it

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"harry james potter," harry said, "you were named after the bravest man i ever knew. it was me. i’m awesome." 

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Boys need to stop thinking they’re doing a massive service to girls by telling them they like girls without makeup

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